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Resurfacing Machines

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Peterson 1055AWL Head & Block Resurfacer *LARGE*

96 inch length capacity

220 or 440 volt 3 phase
17.5" Grinding Width
Lots of fixturing for heads, blocks, and extra LARGE blocks

DCM Tech HB-3800 CBN Resurfacer


220 volt 3 phase
38" Length Capacity
14" CBN/PCD Milling Head
Variable speed traverse

Peterson / Comec RG300/900 Surfacer


This machine will have a New 14" CBN Milling head
35" milling length capacity
Head and Block fixturing
220 volt 3 phase

Rottler SFOOE CBN Resurfacer


with new Cylinder head fixture
37 inch capacity
Located in Phoenix Arizona

Comec RG 300/900 with CBN Milling Head


220 volt 3 phase
35" Length capacity
14 Inch diameter CBN Milling head
Power Column
2500 lbs shipping weight

DCM TECH Dual Axis Air Lock Leveling Table

Fits your resurfacer

Looks like it was hardly used
Dusty from sitting for several years
will need some tinkering with air lines and O-rings

RMC-10 CBN Resurfacer


220 volt 3 phase
35" length capacity
variable speed traverse hydraulic
x-y sweep adapter
power column

Winfield fixture DSF-1500


Missing some parts
What you see is what you get
The rest of the parts are available from Joe Baker Equipment

Storm Vulcan 85B Variable Speed Kit


110 volt
Installs in 2 hours