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Miscellaneous Equipment

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new never installed

Cincinatti Fan 24" Dyno Room Fan

Aluminum Propeller

110 volt
This thing blows like crazy !!!

500 bucks or best offer

DownDraft Porting or Seat Grinding Bench


Has light inside up above
Has head fixture inside
You can hook a shop vac up to the port on the bottom to collect grindings

Centroid A532 CNC Head Porting Machine


New in 2008.
have programs for several LS and a few Ford heads.
In place and under power, 100% functioning today.

Overhead bridge crane system *2 ton*

90 feet long x 24 feet wide

2 ton capacity
Designed to be mounted from ceiling

90' x 24'

220 3 phase power chain hoist 2 ton

3500 obo

Sim-Test Engine Tester


2 machines available
Looks like they sat outside for some time, but both work.
3850 for one
2850 for the other one.

Dakota Ultrasonics PX-7


battery powered
Comes with ALUMINUM probe
This unit is good for Aluminum, Steel , Titanium , and stainless

Rottler F-65 Electonics


This is the electronics package from a recently updated Rottler F-65 (2000-2006)
Whole package goes for $1450


$50 bucks a pair

$50 a pair
A Few of these were not made by BHJ