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Used Engine Building Equipment

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Sunnen CF-1126 Dial Bore Gage Setting Fixture


Kind of dusty could use a good cleaning
comes in steel case

Sunnen CF-1126 Setting Fixture

For Dial Bore Gages

Very Nice!!


BHJ Block tru basic kit


2" bar not included
what is shown in photo only

Magnaflux Black Light


Never Used
Still in box

what is pictured only

Sunnen SHORT 2" to 6" Dial Bore Gage


Reads in .0001"
comes with 2 fingers and an extension
includes steel case

Sunnen Dial Bore Gage


Reads in .0005"
2" to 6" Range
includes 4 centering fingers and a steel case

Sunnen GR-9245 Dial Bore Gage


diameter range 1.180" to 2.0"
30mm to 50.8mm

with case

Sunnen Dial Bore Gage 2"-8" range


with plastic case
reads in .0005"

Sunnen AN-600 Hone Head


Diameter Range 2.5" to 6.5"

64mm to 165mm Range