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New Engine Building Equipment

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Axe Bluemax Spraywasher *Model SW-2832 *

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Axe Eliminator Spraywasher *Model SW-20*

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This compact fighting machine will accommodate most any light duty truck or passenger car application


SRA 30 Valve Removal Assembly Fixture


The SRA 30 Valve Removal Assembly Fixture handles valve springs quickly and safely.

GPC 30 Basket Tumbler


Our parts tumblers make great additions to any shop. In less than 30 minutes after loading, a set of valves can be cleaned without operator labor.

Peterson RG-1234 Platen Grinder


The RG 1234 is the finest platen grinder on the market today. All the features you want at an affordable price.


F109 Multi Purpose CNC Machining Center

The massive F100 is designed for machining large engines used in the earthmoving, mining, oil and gas, power generation and marine work boat indust

SG8MTS Cylinder Head Seat & Guide Machine

The SG8 handles a wide variety of cylinder heads, from small multi-valve to large 6 cylinder diesels such as CAT.

SG7MTS Cylinder Head Seat & Guide Machine

MANUALMATIC Cylinder Head Seat and Guide Machine

VR10 Valve Refacing Machine

with Turcite Slideways

Precision Hardened Tool Steel Chuck System -Pneumatic Operated Quick Action 2 X 3 Ball Precision Chuck driven by large, heavy duty