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New Engine Building Equipment

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Shot Peen Blast Cabinet

Used to prepare heads for head gaskets that require a specific, uniform finish.


Soda Blast Cabinets

Get a quick rundown of all the features and benefits offered by 3 ABS Soda Blasters.


Soda Blasters


TCP Blast Cabinets

Run a larger gun and uses the Cyclone system that removes all removed material to a 30 gallon drum.


High Performance Piston Ring Filer/Grinder


*NEW MODEL * 5950-HP model comes with an additional 6" turntable for Diesel, Aircraft and Compressor Rings!


DELTA 6200 HD Heavy Duty Cap And Rod Grinder



Honing Jig for Liners and cylinders


Works in your existing Honing Machine!


Delta 6000 S/L Universal Pressure Tester


For Heads and Blocks, Price Includes Parts Cart


DELTA 6200 XHD Extra Heavy Duty Cap Grinder


The Delta 6200 XHD is the perfect machine for those individuals who require a high precision grinderIt produces a flat mating surface and is quickl

PMW Model 110 Power Sprayer Washer

This rugged machine is designed for small parts to V-8 blocks. With a 12 ga. steel cabinet, a 2 hp.

PMW Model 112 Power Sprayer Washer

Made for automotive and light industrial applications this is a real work horse. Standard 26" dia. turntable with 32" of working height.