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New Engine Building Equipment

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Robins Equipment SG8M Guide & Seat Machine


44" cylinder head length
Base machine price $24995
360 head roll over fixture (with air float) $3995

Robins Equipment SG-7M Guide & Seat Machine


32" max cylinder head length
Base machine $15,500
360 degree roll fixture $3250
Serdi style Head fixture $3250

Robins VR5 Valve Grinder *NEW*


Chuck Capacity 4mm to 14 mm.
Optional chucks ;
Mini Chuck 3.5 mm to 7.1mm
Large Capacity chuck also available.

Robins SG5 Guide & Seat Machine *BRAND NEW*

23 Inch Max cylinder head

Big enough to do a Big Block Chevy Head!
will do 23" long Cylinder Head

Call for info! In stock NOW

Soda Blaster *Brand New*


This is a brand new soda blaster with reclaimer
Bring an aluminum head to clean and be amazed!!
Cabinet 40" wide x 24" Deep

Rottler F10X

Rottler CNC Automatic Programmable Hole-to-Hole Cylinder Boring Machine 1.5 - 9.0" (38 - 230mm) Diameter with Optional Equipment

Machine Operations
•Boring & Sleeving
•Connecting Rod Boring
•Cylinder Boring
•Multi Purpose CNC (Custom Parts)

Rottler F103A

Traveling Column Boring, Surfacing & Line Boring Machine

The F103A is designed for machining smaller engine blocks used in ‘On Highway' applications such as trucks and buses.

Rottler EM69P

5-Axis CNC Porting and Machining Center

Machine Operations
•5 Axis CNC Digitizing
•Automatic Tool Changer
•Block Surfacing
•CNC Head Porting